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Marketing is a complex business function that demands careful consideration as it involves directly engaging with consumers to inform, persuade and convince them about a particular product. SMS marketing has become extremely successful as it offers a platform to communicate product knowledge, its price, and availability in the market as well as it has a far much-reaching ability than most marketing tools. Moreover, with the particular increase, mobile technology gadgets, SMS marketing platforms have become a more appealing yet very cost friendly. The text message marketing is one of the best platforms to choose for your business. However, to reap the best from the market it would be prudent to sow into the following tips;


Segment your audience

holding phone Target marketing ensures that the clientele reached finds the information informing and addressing their particular needs. The successful integration of customer relationship management (CRM) into the messaging platform ensures that SMS created and sent address specific consumer purchase history, demographics and consumption patterns. Moreover, with a segmented audience, it becomes easy to relay informational messages and continuously improve them over time.

Timing is essential

In marketing, timing is everything. Therefore, through SMS marketing it is important to be conscious of time factor and seasons. Using SMS that informs of deals with an expiry date are more effective than open-ended ones. Moreover, sending customized SMS for Easter, Christmas, weekend and other national holidays makes it easy for customers to relate to your product. Moreover, being in a position to personalize messages using the client’s name makes it even personal and well received. One can relate to the “magic” caused by personalized SMS that wishes one a Happy Birthday or congratulates one for a particular achievement.

Power of triggered messages

Through understanding market analytics it is possible to understand particular trends with customers and hence to use the SMS marketing platform one can generate new or repeated sales. SMS marketing informs on current deals in the market which triggers action from the recipient. This can work effectively especially in seasonal deals and are intended to address a particular inaction experienced from a client. Additionally, triggered messages act as an effective feedback system that engages both clients and the business.

SMS should be brief, engaging and understandable

Marketing SMS should avoid being wordiness thereby making them short, sweet and simple. They should capture attention and inform directly of what is on offer. Moreover, it may describe the availability and pricing where necessary. Moreover, it may inform on relevant links or extensions.

Don’t be a spammer

phone on beach sandThere is an acceptable degree of SMS marketing, but customers do not want to be bothered. Continued spamming may make the company lose its privilege thereby making SMS marketing very ineffective.…

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Technology is the backbone of every industry in contemporary times. It provides ease when undertaking complex business operations and makes it possible for people to come up with quality results in record time. This is why every company has some form of technology embedded into their normal operations. However, for everything to run smoothly, every company, big or small, need to have a tech support team.

A tech support team will ensure that the operations are restored to normal status in the event of a breakdown. For big organizations, it is easy to assemble an in-house tech support team, but for the small businesses, this is more of a luxury. The best option is to hire companies that provide tech support as a service, and to get the best one, there are some factors that should be taken into account. Below are some of the considerations that should be made.

Choosing the best tech support team

Number of available support personnelhelp

Although many tech support companies will not share the number of employees they have anyhow, it is important to make sure that you inquire about it anyway. It is important to make sure that the company has enough technicians to take care of your problems as soon as possible. This is very important because how fast a problem is solved will make the difference whether your business succeeds or not.

Client base

Especially for new companies, the client base doesn’t always make for the best selection factor, however, if you are faced with the choice to select one from a plethora, then take the individual company’s client base as an important factor. For a company to get many clients, it means that they offer good services that are good enough to keep so many clients subscribed to them. Also ask some of the clients for some of the problems they experience with the tech support service. Depending with the nature of your business, you can tell whether the given company is best for your needs.

Subscription rates

To make sure that your business make the most profits, you have to intelligently minimize the expenses. Subscribing to a tech support service is an expense and will definitely determine how much you get to save. Therefore, make an informed choice when selecting a service based on their subscription rates. If the business can afford it, and the services are on point, then go for it.

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The world is rapidly changing, and technology is growing at an exponential level. It is critical to making sure that you keep up with tech to lead a fruitful and involving lifestyle. There are so many gadgets rolling out now and then, so many making it impossible for an individual to select what to get and what not to. However, not all these gadgets are must-haves, and to know the ones to get, go for the trend setters. It is quite important that you indulge in tech trends by making use of superb items that bring us closer to the future. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top ones and why you should get them at your earliest convenience.

Tech gadgets you have to get

Virtual reality glasses

Have you always wanted a 50-inch television tVirtual reality glasseshat was 3D compliant but couldn’t afford it? Well, it must be your lucky day. At first, virtual reality was seen as this expensive technology that was more of a luxury. To some extent that was true, and companies like Oculus made a fortune. Luckily, the brilliant minds at Google came up with Google Cardboard, a simple yet genius creation that brought us virtual reality, using the technology that we already possessed, smartphone. Many companies used the freely availed designs and made brilliant VR glasses that flood the market. You can get one for as little as $10, and use it along with your phone to get the best entertainment experience.

Hybrid laptop

Is a laptop? Is it a tablet? Maybe both, but we in the tech world call it a hybrid, after all, it is a product that avails to us. The best of both worlds. When tablets were introduced, they provided a lot of conveniences but did not adequately accommodate the services that our laptops offered us. Manufacturers and designers decided to bring us the best of both worlds, and the result was a hybrid, a laptop that is a tablet. It is a normal tablet, but when needed, it hooks into a base that doubles up as a stand and the keyboard, transforming into a laptop. Everyone should have one of this.

Battery backup

If you do not have one of these, thenBattery backup it is your lucky day because you will learn about it and solve one problem that probably haunts you on a daily basis. We all know that smart phones are awesome, but their batteries could as well be the devil. They drain so fast, especially when you need them the most, and this is why you always need a plan B. The best plan B is to get portable battery backup.…