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Music has a way of influencing us in so many ways, like how we feel and how we think of ourselves. Having the right kind of music on can make us want to take on the world. Some other music can make you sad or even fall in love with someone. It can build relationships and memories.

Music is free; it doesn’t cost anything to listen to. And when it comes to downloading your music, you can pretty much get what you want anytime for no cost to you all you need now is a good headset.


HeadsetsThe over-the-head earphones are most likely to be the most comfortable set you can buy and the best quality in sound. With this set, they don’t fall off your ear. They block out all outside noise, and they have a fashion style to them with any color you could imagine. They come in different makes like beats. They are larger than earbuds but have a style of their own. And they fold for safe keeping. They even come with cases to hold them.


These are one of the most common types of headphones on the market sold today. Due to their small size, you can easily put them in your pocket. You can find them almost anywhere, and they don’t cost that much.


Ear-cup earphones are not as popular as earbuds, but they are alike in sound and quality. Ear-cup headphones fit on your ear; not over all of it like a headset does, but just around the ear. They have a foam-like pad on them, so they are comfortable to use. Their sound quality is not as good as the earbuds, and they don’t block out the outside sound like over the headsets do. You can find them anywhere, and they are cheap in price.

DJ headphones/Circum Aural

These are heavy, and they fit over the whole ear blocking all outside sound and noise. They have a coated pad that surrounds your whole ear. The quality of this type of headphone is the best in sound and comfort factor. It has dual speakers inside it giving you that surround-like effect you get in the theaters. You can get these for a small price, but on the other hand, they can come with a significantly larger cost to you.

DJ headphones/Circum AuralWith this type of headset, you just can’t walk into any store to purchase it. You would have to shop where audio is sold at.…