cup of coffee

With a good cup of coffee in the morning, you can start your day with a smile on your face and energized, so as to successfully deal with all the hassles of daily life. This is the main reason why coffee is so popular nowadays and have been in the past, and why people prefer a cup of it whenever they need a boost. With this in mind, it is no wonder why people, from all corners of the world, enjoy brewing and drinking quality coffee. However, when it comes to the exact brewing process, many people are left wondering as to what methods and equipment they should use.

An overwhelming choice

These days, there are a plethora of various devices and machines, specifically designed for brewing coffee. These machines come in various sizes, shapes and models, and feature different functions when it comes to brewing. The most widely used machines used today are probably the French Press, the percolators and vacuum coffee makers.

The French Press machine

The French Press machineThe French Press is a rather old design, as it was invented in the late 1880’s. This device is a basically a simple, small glass pot, which features a plunger and a filter plate. The French Press is perhaps more commonly known as the coffee plunger, the coffee press or the press pot. This piece of coffee making equipment, ┬áis very simple to use and convenient, thanks to its portability and self-contained nature.

You can find French Press devices made out of various materials, such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and more. But, regardless of the materials or the size and shape, these machines are guaranteed to produce some tasty coffee. With it, you can get both the various flavors, as well as the aromas.


These machines were once the most popular coffee making devices. Even though not so popular today, they are still widely used and appreciated for their capability to brew excellent coffee. This design is even older than the French Press. Its invention is accredited to an American soldier and scientist, known as Count Rumford, who strived to make a personal coffee making machine while he served with the Bavarian Army. Although his design was initially rough around the edges, it nevertheless became extremely popular later on.

The main brewing method

This piece of equipment is well known for its effectiveness and ease of maintenance, as well as specialized methods of brewing tasty coffee. The primary method of using a percolator involves exposing the ground coffee beans to higher temperatures, in comparison to other methods and equipment. Next up, the already brewed coffee is recirculated through the coffee beans, so as to make it susceptible to over-extraction. The main advantages of using this method include adding a more pleasant aroma and eliminating some impulsive compounds from the beans.

You can choose between two types of percolators. The first type functions by cycling the boiling brew by using the force of gravity. The other type uses pressure to cycle the boiling water through the ground beans.

Vacuum coffee machines

Vacuum coffee machinesUsed since the 19th century, this design is still widely used today. These machines are very affordable and simple to use. They can be used to brew coffee with an exceptional flavor and strong aroma. Coffee lovers, who strongly dislike the taste of paper filters, which are used by drip brewers, mostly prefer to use vacuum coffee machines.…