Live performances act as platforms where performers get to exhibit their various talents. When crowds of people attend your live performance(s), it shows that your performance is great. It even leaves them longing for more. They’ll go the extra mile to share your recorded performance online. This will extend your performance to an even bigger crowd. This article is your stepping stone to greater live performances. These guidelines will even feed your desire to achieve more. They will also show you how to prepare for gigs and make your live shows better.

How to make your live performances more lively

1. Focus on your rehearsals

music concert During rehearsal, pay minimum attention to playing the songs in the right manner. If you or your bandmates are unable to play either of the songs perfectly, don’t worry. Instead, focus more on your rehearsal as a band. The main reason for having band rehearsals is to polish up on what you already know. Some forms of rehearsal shouldn’t be done inside the rehearsal room. These include polishing up on your skills of playing a certain instrument or learning the lyrics to a particular song. If a member of the group takes time to learn or displays a visible attitude of laziness, go ahead and replace them. The more determined the group, the better the chances of a flawless performance.

2. Practice in several locations

A band is made up of more than one person. It could be three, five, ten or more. Each of these should know their role in the band and work to improve on any weak points. Once this is sorted out, you (as a band) can now move on to more serious rehearsals. Do not limit your rehearsals to a single location. Try as much as possible to alter the environment to know how to perform if ever you find yourselves in such platforms. This will go a long way in boosting your confidence on stage.

3. Focus on your presence on stage

Music is not the only thing that drives people to attend concerts. They’ve heard your music a thousand times on end. They’re mainly interested to see the stage performance skills you wield off the screen. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them now, would you? Have a full analysis of each of your band members stage skills, then make a few improvements if necessary. This way, you can determine who will be more visible than the other based on their energy. It helps as well to analyze your skills and work towards making them better.drummer on stage

4. Be ready for anything

During your gig, countless unexpected occurrences may come about. Sometimes stage fright kicks in, or the lights go out. Worse still, some of the instruments develop a problem. For this particular problem, it is advisable to practice either of your songs with a single instrument. This will ensure your performance is kept going despite any technical hitches.

Remember, you don’t have to play good music for your performance to become successful something that Andrew Miller of Something Awful notes that the 2009 warped tour was missing and that the warped lineups had serious flaws. Not at all. There are wider aspects you have to consider when preparing for your gigs, be it major or minor. All of the above tips will work even when you are performing solo.…