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Taking the “Paper” out of “Paperwork”

Mobile data collection or MDC will help your business by eliminating paper forms, collecting real world data in real time, becoming more efficient, eliminating paper forms and making your data collection mobile.

Is this something you need to make your business or operation more efficient? Where will you obtain this technology or perhaps it already exists, but you aren’t sure how it works? Consider mobile data collection for your next data collection operation.

How mobile data collection works

gadget Mobile data collection utilizes GPS and mobile phone connectivity coupled with state of the art technology to collect data in the field. Numerous field studies have shown the usage of mobile data collection has improved efficiency of operations saving money and saving time.

5 Keys which justify the usage of mobile data collection

Many fields for usage

Examples of businesses that benefit from MDC are health care, oil, and drilling, cash collection, household data, surveys, and census collection to name a few. The application is your choice. What’s important to understand is what kind of data you are collecting and for what purpose. The forms will be accessible by a mobile phone, tablet or PC connection and users in the field can access those forms and fill in the data as it is collected.

GPS Location data

Workers or employees in the field will be able to mark where they are by plotting their location at any time. For example, let’s say a person wants to plot how many coffee retail locations there are within 4 New York City blocks. Each retail coffee location can be marked via GPS by the MDC at any time in the field. The same could be plotted for the number of fire hydrants in a given area. This may be used to update Public Works maps or to verify that hydrants in an area have been tested.

Really, there is no limit to the amount of data, type of data or purpose of the data that is being collected or what the data will be used for.

Saving Time

Employees or those collecting data, really just need their smart phone and a data connection. That’s it! By utilizing electronic forms instead of paper ones, there is no need for paper files and or briefcases. Just grab your phone and go.

Saving money


By eliminating hardware, software, print paper and office spaces, MDC should benefit your business by eliminating many costs associated with more old-fashioned ways for data collection.

Real time data that can be shared instantaneously

Others in your team can be connected to the data; so work hypothesis and analysis can happen immediately.…